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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

Dear friends

I just want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

The next power yoga class will be 7th January 715pm at the Newmarket catholic church hall .

Love Lucy x x


Saturday, 28 September 2013


My baby suffered with extreme eczema , for many months ,i was distraught and tried every lotion and potion under the sun , reluctantly i gave into steroid cream to relive my babies suffering , but of course it soon returned . That s when Susan Homer came into mine and Luke s life and changed everything for the better .

Sue Homer is a qualified . experienced homeopath,fully insured and a member of the Alliance registered homeopaths.  
Sue treated Luke through homeopathy medicine and within days he was starting to get better , within 2 months Luke eczema had completely gone and has never returned.
I am forever grateful to Sue for her help and guidance .

Sue has helped both me and Luke for other matters too such as colds and fevers , stress and tummy upsets , i no longer feel the need to call my doctors for anything , i simply contact Sue :)

I cannot recommend Sue highly enough . If anyone needs help with anything regards their health please contact Sue Homer :


Lucy x 

Sunday, 22 September 2013




Hi everyone , also just wanted to let you know that I will soon be teaching mum and baby massage and yoga classes :)  I have just completed my teacher training so hope to start classes soon . The classes are designed for mum and baby.


 Mum and baby classes are a great way to tone up whilst spending precious time bonding with your new baby.  You'll also get to meet new Mums in a supportive and friendly atmosphere that I like to call a ‘’safe haven for mumS’’ .  Don't worry about your baby crying, needing a feed or nappy changing during class - we have all been there before!  You will still get a great workout!


 Health Benefits of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

 Touch is a baby s first language . Communicating love through a nurturing touch can be an effective and fun way to bond with your baby and has the following benefits:


·         Baby Yoga promotes more and better sleep

·         Regular movement promotes a more ‘settled’ and happier baby

·         All the babies bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive and nervous systems

·         Helps alleviate wind and colic

·         Helps the development of the brain and the nervous system.

·         Baby yoga helps the parent and baby to get to know each other better through active means of communication that are easy to learn and practice

·         Helps babies ability to cope positively with new situations

·         relieves symptoms of colic and constipation

·         improves  digestion

·         aids sleep patterns

·         helps relieve the pain of teething

·         unblocks nasal congestion during a  cold

·         improves circulation and therefore removes toxins from the body

·         Builds trust


The benefits of Yoga for mums

·    Relaxation and better sleep

·    Increased strength, tone and posture

·    Increased energy 

·    Inner peace and calm

·    Balanced hormones

·    Reduced pain, tension and fatigue 

·    Improved  postnatal recovery

·    Clinically proven to ease postnatal depression.



Lucy x x


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Baby yoga and massage classes coming soon!!

I am hoping to start teaching baby yoga and massage classes within the next month once I have completed my diploma .

Baby Massage is wonderful for soothing colic and wind, helping babies to sleep, building their digestive, circulatory and immune systems and much more.
 Classes also include discussions and advice to help support you through  parenthood.

Baby Yoga is complements baby massage beautifully in that it builds on your baby’s physical and mental developmental milestones and will aid your baby’s brain development and your baby’s sense of co-ordination, balance and sensory and motor skills.

classes include:

  • Postnatal recovery asanas for mums with babies
  • Lifting and carrying correctly
  • Baby yoga
  • Basic baby massage

  • Challenges facing new mums and how to cope

Please let me know if you and your little one would like to join the classes.

Namaste , Lucy x

7 day detox nutrition plan

Dear friends
 As many of you know , I also practice nutrition and weight management . Many of you (lucky ones!!) got to taste my home made vegan truffles Tuesday evening after class!  I have designed a 7 day detox plan , these truffles are just 1 of the yummy recipes within the program , the following is a little more info and also the recipe for the truffles! 
7 day yoga detox nutrition plan

…………… Mind & Body in Harmony
I am nutrition and weight management specialist , I am passionate about what goes into my body and keeping my body as clean and healthy as I can .I hope to educate and  help others to look and feel great about themselves and to realise that there is no quick fix diet . This plan is a lifelong plan . Today s diets that promise fast weight loss are only ever short lived and are harm full to the  body.

 This nutrition plan is not based on restricting your body , it is aimed at nourishing both mind and body so you are able to function 100% , have tons of energy and feel good about your self.
I have been a vegan for 15 years and try to eat organic as much as I can. A yoga diet consists of clean , vegetarian and nutritious ,plant based  foods such as whole grains , fruits , vegetables, beans , cereals and avoiding fast foods ,tobacco , sugar, meat  and coffee .
You will  experience effortless weight loss , beautiful clear skin , improved digestion and increase in energy levels once you begin this diet plan.
The plan also includes nutritional and lifestyle tips.

If you would like this 7 day menu plan it only costs £5 and if you have any dietary requirements such as intolerances or allergies I can adapt the plan accordingly.
Please email for more details.

Vegan truffles

These yummy truffles are so healthy and good for you , providing energy , B vitamins , helping to lower blood pressure . The almonds are good for your heart because of the antioxidant action of vitamin E and folic acid . These help prevent the build-up of fat in your arteries. They are  high in  levels of six key nutrients – fibre, magnesium, protein, potassium, copper and vitamin E.
The cacao nibs are packed full of antioxidants , a real super food!
Great for your complexion, helping keep your skin moisturised and glowing.
The figs are an excellent source of minerals like calcium, copper, potassium, manganese, iron, selenium and zinc.
Enjoy !

Ingredients :

1 cup dried figs
1 cup dates ( stones removed)
½ cup almonds
 ½ cup cacao nibs ( from Holland and barrat)
 ½ cup shredded unsweetened coconut
4 tbs agave syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Splash of water


(You could use walnuts or hazelnuts instead of almonds and  goji berries , dried cherries or dates instead of the figs/dates )

1:Blend together the figs,dates  ,vanilla extract until they form a  paste. If it's too thick, add a little water, but only enough for it to just come together. Depending on personal taste, the truffle mixture doesn't need to be totally smooth; some  chunks are fine.
2) Remove the  mixture from your food processor and place it in a large bowl.Blend the almonds or buy already blended almonds.  Roll the mixture into little balls and then coat some with the cacao nibs and some with the shredded coconut and some with nut pieces.

While these could be eaten right away, the truffles are best when cold. For best results place the truffles in the fridge and allow to them harden at least 1 hour.
This recipe makes about 20 Vegan Truffles.


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Friday, 16 August 2013

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Namaste , Lucy x x

Saturday, 3 August 2013


PLEASE VOTE FOR ME: I am in a competition for the best local Diet & fitness  business in Newmarket , I need all the votes I can get , so please spare just 2 minutes of your time to vote for me in these categories and also get your friends to vote for me to too by sharing this link . You also automatically get the chance to win tons of prizes for taking the time to vote such as champagne dinner for 2 , vouchers and beauty products tickets to the Dubai future champions day and much more .
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Namaste , Lucy x x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

July power yoga newsletter

Dear friends

Firstly I d like to say well come back to power yoga ! So good to see you all again and also lovely to meet lots of new yogis to the group too!

For those that are new to class , please be patient with yourselves and know that over time you will become stronger and more aware of your breathing, once you have mastered your breath all the rest will fall into place.

Secondly , after class this week I was asked by the church to inform everyone that when leaving the car park to try to stick to  the one way system which is sign posted to avoid any accidents with people coming into the church for the next class.

Finally as some of you may know I am also a nutritionist and weight management specialist . I am very passionate towards health and i am a firm believer in you are what you eat!  

I have been a vegan for 15 years and try to eat organic as much as I can. A yoga diet consists of clean , vegetarian and nutritious foods such as whole grains , fruits , vegetables, beans , cereals and avoiding fast foods,tobacco , sugar, meat  and coffee .

Eating the right kind of food is an important element in achieving a physical, mental and emotional balance. In yogic literature foods that are beneficial to us are said to be Sattvic, or pure. Impure foods  can upset our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Therefore I am working on creating a 7 day yoga diet which basically consists of my day to day diet bringing the body into balance not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. I have attached one of my favourite recipes for everyone to enjoy with a list of all its health benefits J

Superfood Quiona salad ( my favourite! )  

 This recipe is one I have at least once a week and contains all the goodness , nutrients and minerals you could wish for!

I cannot stress enough just how good quiona is for the body ! Proteins are essential to the building and repair of the body’s tissues and to basic functions like growth, digestion and excretion. Quinoa has a higher protein content than wheat, barley or other major grains. Quinoa, which contains all 8 of the essential amino acids, it is a complete protein. Quinoa  is a dieter’s dream , high in vitamins, minerals and protein, while low in fat and calories.Quiona helps  lower cholesterol and contains a source of complex carbohydrates. Rich in fiber ,  quinoa can help keep you free of constipation and bloating. Unlike more common grains such as wheat, quinoa is gluten-free and can be enjoyed by people with digestive disorders, like celiac disease. The vitamin B and folate in quinoa also help the liver in its role of eliminating wastes from the body, adding to quinoa’s detoxifying properties. For vegans, people with lactose intolerance or those who are simply looking for non-dairy sources of this vital mineral, quinoa is a flavorful source of plant-derived calcium. Calcium builds and maintains bones and teeth, helps regulate the contraction of the heart, and facilitates nerve and muscle function. Quinoa also contains impressive quantities of potassium, magnesium and zinc, minerals that are crucial for heart, nerve and muscle function.Quiona contains  iron, which helps to deliver oxygen to the blood, boosting energy and brain power. Quinoa’s vitamin B content can help keep the mind sharp, maintain brain volume and stabilize mood.


Preperation time: 20 mins

Serves : 4

700g sweet potato ( diced into cubes)

60ml olive oil

200g quiona ( waitrose and Holland and barrat sell the garin)

½ tsp turmeric

500ml water

200g broccoli ( steamed )

1 bunch of asparagus ( steamed)

2 hand full s of spinach fresh

200g cooked beetroot and diced

Sprinkle of pumpkins seeds

1 avocardo  chopped

Handful of baby tomatoes chopped

2 spring onions chopped

½ lemmon and ½ lime

1-Pre heat oven to 200 oc (gas mark 6) and place sweet potato diced and drizzled in olive oil into oven and cook for 25-30 mins until golden brown and tender.

2-Place quiona and turmeric in a saucepan with the water and simmer for 10-12 mins until all the water is absorbed.place lid on sauce pan and leave to cool.

3-steam the broccoli and asparagus until tender

4-mix together all the remaining ingredients into a bowl , add a drizzle of olive oil and squeeze the lemon in . Add the sweet potato and quiona .

Serve and enjoy J

Love and hugs ,Lucy x



Sunday, 9 June 2013


 CHURCH HALL, NEWMARKET (Next to waitrose) .
COST- £6.50 or 6 classes for £35.
ALL LEVELS WELCOME. Call- 07743378036 for bookings or email lucy@enerchi-fitness.com
A unique and fantastic form of yoga working the whole body. Be prepared to work hard and sweat!!!  CAN BURN UP TO 500 CALORIES PER SESSION!!!
PLEASE VIST MY WEBSITE- www.enerchi-fitness.com

Friday, 1 March 2013

Pose of the month!

Dear friends , Hope you are all well and managing to do some yoga !

Here is the yoga pose of the month: The happy baby pose!
Beautifully demonstrated by my baby Luke!

This pose has many benefits such as:

Benefits of Happy Baby Pose:

·    Releases lower back and sacrum

·    Opens hips, inner thighs, and groin

·    Stretches the hamstrings

·    Relieves lower back pain

·    Stretches and soothes the spine

·    Calms the brain

·    Helps relieve stress and fatigue

Begin by laying flat on your back. Exhale and bend the knees into the belly. Inhale and grip the outside of each foot with the corresponding hand. If you find it difficult to grip your feet, try looping a belt or yoga strap over each sole and holding on to the ends of it. Open your knees slightly wider than your torso and bring them up towards your armpits.

Stack each ankle directly over the knee so that the shins are perpendicular to the floor. With gentle movements, push your feet up into your hands and pull down with your hands to create resistance. Flex your feet. Lengthen your spine as you bring your thighs into your torso and towards the floor.

Hold this posture for 30 seconds to a minute. Exhale and release the feet back to the floor.
 Love and hugs , Lucy x Namaste x x